Volunteer Application
PLUR Angels is a nonprofit organization focused on harm reduction. Volunteers attend EDM festivals and events providing support to attendees by way of extra supplies and education, and to medical staff by acting as extra eyes and ears. PLUR Angels are not medical staff or law enforcement. They are observers and support, helping keep our community safe.

What Are The Requirements for Volunteers?

Before filling out the volunteer application please check to make sure that you meet the requirements. If you have questions, contact us and we're happy to help.

Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age and understand all PLUR Angels protocols and procedures. These are in our Volunteer Handbook and Policy Manual. You must volunteer once every six months to stay active.

PLUR Angels volunteers are upbeat, positive and good at reading people. They understand their roles and do not overstep them. Volunteers provide education onsite and online, getting attendees items they run out of or didn't bring and working to help medical staff work efficiently. They are not medical providers.

What's A Typical Night Volunteering Look Like?

When you volunteer with PLUR Angels you attend EDM festivals and events. Enjoy the music and the energy of your peers while serving to reduce harm. A typical night includes communicating with other volunteers, observing risky behaviors, providing attendees with water, sanitary items, condoms and making sure those who need help get appropriate medical care. Volunteers do not provide any medical support to attendees.

Angels interact with guests, checking in and providing items. They also encourage safe behaviors like hydration breaks and self-assessment, the buddy system, and protecting hearing through the use of earplugs.

The PLUR Angels Difference

Our volunteers make a difference. They are trained in observing risky behavior and help identify where medical assistance is needed. Attendees are more comfortable talking to peers, putting PLUR Angels on the front lines. Our interactions reduce false calls for medical staff and allows help to be provided more immediately when it is needed. We have been endorsed by San Jose Theaters, Vital Management and The Do LaB.
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