PLUR Angels: Making A Difference

Anjuna Beats Night #1 [Los Angeles]
Fri, May 03, 2019
Featuring (in alpha order): ALPHA 9 Gabriel & Dresden Grum Mat Zo Tinlicker
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Anjuna Beats Night #2 [Los Angeles]
Sat, May 04, 2019
Featuring (in alpha order): Andrew Bayer Ilan Bluestone Spencer Brown Tinlicker
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Anjuna Beats Night #2 [San Francisco]
Sat, May 11, 2019
Featuring (in alpha order): Gabriel & Dresden Mat Zo Oliver Smith Tinlicker
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Mission Statement

PLUR Angels is a peer-to-peer harm reduction non profit organization, which utilizes volunteers to support health and security services, as well as community outreach, to participants at music events and festivals.



PLUR Angels: Making A Difference 

EDM Festivals and events are a time when people come together to enjoy music on a multi-sensory level. While peace, love, unity and respect are at the forefront, the EDM community has seen tragedy.


PLUR Angels is a volunteer organization committed to harm reduction and education within the EDM community. Our volunteers come from all walks of life. They attend events in easy-to-spot shirts monitoring the wellbeing of attendees, equipped with basic safety items, and able to assist medical professionals to prodive support where needed. As trained observers, PLUR Angels are able to identify risky situations where a participant may need professional assistance.


We provide items to attendees they may have forgotten or not have realized they needed: bottled water, gloves, condoms, earplugs, band-aids, tampons, sanitary wipes, etc. We also facilitate getting those in crisis help acting as a trusted conduit between the attendee and medical staff.


PLUR Angels monitor events, providing important information to medical personnel. Without being obtrusive, volunteers use their training in observing risky behavior and identifying signs of distress. We have an efficient protocol for getting a person in distress the medical care they need.

Our Why

Of the 32 million people who went to U.S. festivals in 2016, more than ten thousand received medical treatment. There were approximately 20 deaths of festival participants. While many people believe that the way to end these tragedies are by eliminating all drugs, PLUR Angels approaches the crisis from a standpoint that is more humane. Provide people a safe experience, educate them, and reduce harm. Harm reduction is the leading approach to reducing festival tragedies. The PLUR Angels approach provides peer security. Festival goers report feeling more comfortable speaking with a peer than someone they perceive as an "authority" figure. These interactions limit false calls for medical help, increasing medical staff efficiency while providing non-urgent help to attendees.

10 Safety Tips:
#1 : Stay Hydrated
#2 : Take Breaks
#3 : Buddy Systems
#4 : Educate Yourself
#5 : Ear Plugs
#6 : Designated Driver
#7 : Meeting Spot
#8 : Secure Possessions
#9 : Be Aware
#10 : Ask For Help